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8 Simple Tricks to Promote Your Class

Whether you teach online or offline, if you’re new to it or have been teaching for donkey’s years, getting the word out about your class has always been of utmost importance. With the emergence of new media and evolving technology, you have multiple promotion channels at your disposal. Follow our promotion checklist for teachers to and sell out your class!
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Why we need to stop the India Central Monitoring System

Protect the Freedom of Expression – Stop the Indian Central Monitoring System (ICMS) – Stop ICMS

This post aims to educate the Indian electorate about what the Government is planning on doing with ICMS – the Indian Central Monitoring System. An all encompassing wide reaching system that can track every digital footprint – email, instant message, browsing history, downloads, uploads… you get it. And that too without any legal reason, warrant or cause. Failing to stop this from happening would be the largest failure by a democratic peoples.

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Download to Your Brain! – Gyaanexchange Announces Revolutionary New Feature

Gyaanexchange Announces Revolutionary New Feature – Download to your Brain!

The latest developments in understanding how the brain stores memory have enabled neuroscience researchers and the developers at Gyaanexchange to find a way for people to learn by downloading straight to the brain!

Starting this month GyaanExchange will be giving out its specially designed and patent protected ‘GyaanTransfer’ units, that are based on neural actuators, which allow anyone to download the fantastic learning related content from Gyaanexchange’s video library straight to the brain, a special transfer mechanism triggers the learning process – once in the brain the lesson expands to replicate the learning process in a matter of minutes.
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YouTube is Shutting Down!

Kudos to Google’s sense of humor

Its good to know that the people who can affect so many of our lives know how to have some fun!

April Fools 2013, the world woke up with the news that YouTube is shutting down. The headline immediately caught my attention but it became clear in a matter of seconds that .. oh wait its April Fools and Google did it again.
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Online Education: The Next Big Thing

Gyaanexchange was made public for the first time in October 2011.
Since then we have listed over a 1000 classes, paid out over Rs.10,00,000 to teachers and have helped numerous individuals become better chefs, dancers, technologists, professionals and homemakers.

Gyaanexchange has made it possible for anyone to teach anything and learn everything.

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Learning Dot Com


Oft times a new technology or idea comes around that changes the world. An idea that disrupts the way we do things, causes a paradigm shift in our thinking and alters our behavior. It starts as an idea. The idea is laughed at, rejected and mocked. It is called unnecessary and its proponents declared crazy. But in keeping with the age-old adage – ‘nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come’, some people start accepting – a minority, the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. And then? Before you know it, it becomes the norm, a way of life, something difficult or impossible to live without. Continue reading

PR Basics for Start-Ups

“When is a good time to adopt an effective PR strategy for my start-up or small business”?

“Which PR tools and techniques should I adopt for my particular business model?”

If these questions are troubling you,  then its time you learn how to do PR in-house.

In simple words, PR is the process of maintaining and creating strong goodwill of an organization or individual in the eyes of all its stakeholders.

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How We Got Here: Part 2

My last post left off talking about the opportunities we saw for ourselves in the academic space in India, there were many reasons that led us to not pursue that direction, the main ones being:

  • Most schools didn’t see the value of technology in improving the teaching learning process, it was looked at a way to justify increasing fees charged to students.
  • We were too small to convince one of the oldest industries in human history to think differently.
  • The sale process was too long for a start-up to wait out (on average schools take 6 months to make a purchasing decision).

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A Well-rounded Education – The Elephant of Indostan

We might imagine that the purpose of an education is to gain expertise on a particular subject, get a job and secure a successful career.
While this is definitely true and is the way most people look at it, the question to ask is – is that all?

The way contemporary education has evolved in India, and in most countries, is one where the pinnacle of education is a “technical training” in engineering, accounting, IT, finance, management, medicine, law and so on. I believe that this is a very utilitarian way of looking at education. It was conceptualised in the West to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution, where getting a job in industry with technical skills had become highly coveted, and therefore a system of mass education based around these skills was invented.
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50 Shades of Gyaan

Who would have ever thought that conducting a book donation drive could provide great insight in to what our country reads?

Here is our take on the top 5 Winners of the “Rejection Criteria” – books which people have donated but will not be sent to the children’s NGO Goonj

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