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Learn the basics of Neo4J and start revolutionizing your projects using NOSQL

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Neo4J in under 60 Minutes

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Learn the basics of Neo4J and start revolutionizing your projects using NOSQL

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In this class Luanne Misquitta (@luannem) and Nikhil Lanjewar (@rhetonik) introduce you to the basics of Neo4J and how you can quickly get started using NOSQL on your projects.

Neo4j is an open-source, high-performance, enterprise-grade NOSQL graph database.

More than 20 of the Global 2000, hundreds of startups and thousands of community members use Neo4j in a wide variety of use cases such as social applications, recommendation engines, fraud detection, resource authorization, network & data center management and much more.

Who is this class for?

This class is for people involved in web based application and server development that are familiar with basic concepts of databases and what they are used for. You do not need to know any specific language but knowing a computing language would be very helpful.

What you will learn

This class will help you understand what NOSQL databases are like and how they differ from traditional structured data. Further you wil learn basics of querying and writing to the Neo4J database.

After this class you will be able to interact with Neo4j in any language of your choice (there are libraries created for almost every language)

Table Of Contents
Total Duration - 56 Minutes
About The Teacher

Nikhil Lanjewar

Nikhil leads the engineering effort at where he is building intelligent software for pre-screening and behavioral evaluation of job candidates. Nikhil evangelizes graph databases and leads the Neo4j community in India. Recently, he won the Graphies Award at GraphConnect conference which took place in San Francisco, for his work on graph databases in social and recruitment space. He has been actively hosting, presenting and participating at meetups and conferences around big data, analytics and data mining.

Luanne Misquitta

Luanne Misquitta is a Senior Technical Architect at IdMission LLC and leads the Analytics initiative. Previously, she worked at Saba Software as a lead on the Platform team.She is passionate about Neo4j and has been playing, working and advocating it for a couple of years. 
She maintains Flavorwocky ( in her spare time. It won the Neo4j Heroku Challenge in 2012.

Luanne can be followed on twitter at @luannem and at her blog

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